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Video Content marketing is a long-term strategic marketing approach focused on consistently creating and delivering valuable & relevant information to a clearly-defined target audience: your prospective customers and purchase influencers. Video plays an increasing HUGE roll in this due to the sheer fact that people engage with video more than other content. Video is easier and more accessible than ever, and up-to-date viewing statistics for online video are blowing all of the old records out of the water.


Corporate Profile Videos are an essential part of any solid marketing strategy, and play a crucial role on websites, at trade shows, and in the training and professional development of employees. We specializes in creating impactful corporate identity videos. Utilizing a concise, quality video on a website to give an overview of the company, products or services has been proven to increase traffic, decrease bounce rates, and ultimately increase sales.


Here at Myanmar Media Linkage, we’re always striving not only to push the boundaries of video production in exciting new ways, but to make it an affordable option for our clients. That’s why we’re now proud to offer aerial cinematography. We offer the option to bring our in-house quad-copter to your shoot. With our talented drone operators, we combine the awesome capabilities of stunning aerial shots with the agility and afford ability of a lightweight drone.


Transform your next Event or Tradeshow into an ongoing business opportunity by capturing a wide variety of cost-efficient video footage to create an event-specific library of content marketing videos, covering a variety of content genres. This event-specific video library can then be accessed as a sales and marketing tool by both existing and prospective customers.


The power of a great Product Demonstration Video is unparalleled when it comes to showcasing the key selling features and competitive advantages of your product, while entertaining and engaging your potential customers. We specializes in producing highly effective and engaging Product Demonstration and Showcase Videos that perform as influential marketing tools. Our professional quality videos will showcase your product using a combination of original HD footage, animation/motion graphics, and advanced editing.


You spend a small fortune to develop and orchestrate all the logistics that ensure a great Event, Exhibition or Tradeshow experience for attendees. Why not let us help your company take full advantage of the opportunity, and capture the excitement and the experience from the ground up?

Our Capabilities

  • Event Highlight Reel
  • Attendee Experience – Teaser Promo
  • Capture ALL presentations – archive into Event Library
  • Capture Client Testimonials, product demos, sales solutions or SME videos
  • Wrap Up/Thank You – Follow Up/Library Accessibility
  • Teaser/Early Registration for next event