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    MAPCO Building,No (100), 3rd Floor,Wardan Street & Kan Nar Street,Beside the concrete Express way, Wardan Port Area, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

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VFX allow us to take audiences to places they could never otherwise go, to visualize ideas in ways they never dreamed of, or maybe just to make them laugh, depending on the project. No matter the genre or subject matter, our visual effects team combines state-of-the-art technology with good old fashioned imagination to achieve visuals as mind-blowing as our writers and directors can dream.


We are passionate about digital art and animation and over the years we’ve honed our animation, VFX and post production skills to create imagery and film that seamlessly merges CG with live action film. If you commission animation and VFX for TV, Film Production, Digital media and Product visualization, we are the right one for you.


Architectural visualization transferred into computer integrated 3D today, and so into the space, which empowers to present a future object in its three-dimensional space. Extensive experience in Architecture, Construction and Project Management, Mill-working, Architectural metal and glazing. We guarantee the highest quality in fulfilling our clients’ requirements from the initial stages of the projects through successful and timely completion.