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Myanmar Media Linkage provide seamless planning and organizing of events, such as concerts, conventions, parties, weddings, and other gatherings, event locations and facilities as well as different types of events and their crucial planning requirements.

We pave the way to a streamlined unfolding of an event by the practical application of resources and methods to fulfill every conceivable need that might arise at such a gathering. We are detail-oriented multi-taskers with an eye toward detail, a nose for expediency, and an ear for suggestions. Our goal is to please the event sponsors with delivery of an event that fulfills their expectations.


Promotion is a necessity for any event as the means of informing interested people that an event will take place. Promotion requires a focused application of organization, branding and outreach, and is dependent upon defining an interested demography.


Budgeting for an event is by far the most important aspect of a successful event. While budgets can be as varied as the occasions being planned for, a budget lays the groundwork for what can be included in the event, what details must be scaled back, and what ideas must be abandoned during the planning process.


Advertising to promote your events. The event advertising budget is of utmost importance to the success of any event, for advertising reaches out to a broad audience. Advertising provides the means for attracting attendance to an event of greater numbers, a more diverse demographic, and a more interested audience than invitations alone.


Security at an event is comprised of individuals who are responsible for overseeing the safety and well-being of guests who attend an event. Security likewise monitors the stream of support personnel responsible for setting up to ply their respective services, providing safe access to guests attending the event, and steering away disruptive or unwelcome troublemakers.


Invitations are essential parts of many events. For small, personal or closed events, where only a specific number of people are invited to attend, invitations are a must. Invitations are typically chosen through a printing service, require postage for mailing, and require willing staff to stuff and address the envelopes.


Site selection for the purpose of an event can range from a small room in a borrowed or rented building, to an Outdoor Park, neighborhood, sports complex, or as in the Olympics, an entire city. Most importantly, the location of the event should be readily accessible, easy to find, and located in a safe area.


Decorations at an event are necessary for setting the mood, framing the emotion and underscoring the importance of the event. From crepe paper streamers to professionally- designed displays of color and beauty, decorations generally work within a theme determined by event sponsors and coordinators, setting the stage for the bulk of the event proceedings.


Equipment to make your event a success. The need for special equipment to pull off a successful event may be as diverse as the event itself. From special lifts to hang decorations from a high ceiling, to hand trucks for transporting tables, chairs, and other supplies to areas within the event, careful consideration must be given to ascertain what equipment may be necessary.


Flowers impart a sense of formality to an event, providing an attractive anchor to the event theme in the d├ęcor of reception areas, tabletops and stage backdrops.


Food is a component of successful business and private events. The event theme plays an important role in helping to determine the menu to be presented at the event.


Photos taken during an event become an aid to sharing the event experience through house organs, the printed media, or on a website. Event guests often desire the opportunity to obtain photographs of an event as keepsakes, or to display in their own organizational and business communications.


Speakers are very important for some event types. The function of speakers at an event is to draw in guests who would like to take part in a live session with an expert on topics relating to the event itself. For the company event, the speaker may zero in on effective management, human relations, financial matters or future trends.


Lighting is an essential element for establishing the mood of an event, as well as providing illumination for displays and highlighting decorations. There also exists the need for lighting controls such as dimmers, to impart a mood for intimate evening affairs such as dances or speaker presentations.


Bands provide entertainment to your event guests. Accommodating the needs of a band requires space for a stage, sound and lighting, as well as time for the band to set up and tear down equipment before and after the event. Bands generally perform specific music in accordance with their personal interests and talents, so choose a band that performs music suitable for the event occasion.